The following Manifesto was published in February 1976 by the founders of ICIPP, the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace


We affirm:

1. That this land is the homeland of its two peoples -- the people of Israel and the Palestinian Arab people.

2. That the heart of the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs is the historical confrontation between the two peoples of this land, which is dear to both.

3. That the only path to peace is through co-existence between two sovereign states, each with its distinct national identity: the State of Israel for the Jewish people and a state for the Palestinian Arab people, which will exercise its right to self-determination in the political framework of its choosing.

4. That the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state alongside the State of Israel should be the outcome of negotiations between the government of Israel and a recognized and authoritative representative body of the Palestinian Arab people, without refusing negotiation with the Palestine Liberation Organization, on the basis of mutual recognition.

5. That the border between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Arab state will correspond to the pre-war lines of June 1967, except for changes agreed upon by the parties and after settlement of the problem of Jerusalem.

6. That Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. Being sacred to three religions and inhabited by the two peoples, it deserves a special status. It will remain united under a common municipal roof-organization and will be accessible to people of all nations and faiths. Jerusalem will continue to be the capital of the State of Israel, and the Arab part could become, after the establishment of peace, the capital of the Palestinian Arab state. The Holy Places of all three religions will be administered autonomously by their respective institutions.

7. That the border between Israel and the Palestinian Arab state will be open to the free movement of people and goods throughout the land. Palestinian Arabs will not settle in Israel nor Israelis in the Palestinian Arab state other than by consent of the two governments.

8. That the creation of a Palestinian Arab state will contribute decisively to the solution of the national and humanitarian problem of the refugees. Israel will assist in this solution.

9. That the early stages of Israel-Palestinian co-existence will require mutually-agreed upon security arrangements. There will be guarantees that foreign military forces will not enter the territory of either of the two states.

10. That the two states will be sovereign in all respects, including matters of immigration and return. The State of Israel will preserve its inalienable link to Zionism and to the Jewish people throughout the world, and the Palestinian Arab state will maintain the link of its people to the Arab world.

11. That the two states will aim to conduct a continuing dialogue in order to forge closer relations between them, to solve common problems in a spirit of cooperation and for the benefit of both nations. The two states shall not engage in any acts to alter the structure of the co-existence between them, except by mutual agreement.

12. That for the benefit of all nations in the area there should be a system of regional cooperation, in which both the State of Israel and the Palestinian Arab state will participate.

Tel Aviv
25 February 1976

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